bigbig won ARMORX Pro wireless back button

BIGBIG WON New Product Disclosure 3: ARMORX Disclosure, The Best Companion of Xbox Controller

Since we published the ARMORX disclosure blogs, we've gained much recognition from gamers, which excites us so much!
Many gamers keep DMing me, saying they can't wait.
They are desperate to know more! 
We're under a lot of pressure when knowing this!
Gamers are God and the ones we rely on for a living!
We share the same happiness,
so we must make your wish come true.
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Kindly remind: this blog will answer plenty of gamers' questions all at once!
 bigbig won ARMORX wireless back button
bigbig won ARMORX wireless back button features
bigbig won ARMORX wireless back button five functions
bigbig won ARMORX wireless back button wireless connection
bigbig won ARMORX wireless back button 4-in-1 multiplatform connectivity

FAQ1 Question about compatibility:

①Which platforms can ARMORX make Xbox Series controller compatible with?
   Answer: PC, Xbox Seires X|S console, Xbox One console, Switch console.
②Can I use the controller with ARMORX on PC wirelessly?
  Answer: Yes, you can.
③Can I use the controller with ARMORX on PS4 console?
   Answer: Yes, you can. But you can not use it directly. You need to connect the original PS4 controller to the bottom of the ARMORX’s adapter.
④Can we use ARMORX on PS5 games?
   Answer: No, it needs an additional adapter to achieve. 
bigbig won ARMORX wireless back button GYROCON+ MOTION ASSIST TECH

FAQ2 Question about motion control:

①Can I use the gyroscope and joystick at the same time? Will it be hard to use?
   Answer: Yes, you can use it at the same time and the motion control won’t change your habit of using the controller. You can only use it when you need an accurate operation.
②Is the motion control always on? Can I use it only when I hold the button?
  Answer: The default setting of motion control is off. There is a MotionAim control button to control the motion control function. Click once to turn on the motion control and click once again to turn off it.
If you want to use it only when you hold a button/trigger you can set it by holding the target button + clicking the MotionAim control button.
③Can I use it on Switch's original motion control games? Such as the motion aim in Splatoon2 and Breath of the wild.
Answer: Yes, ARMORX Pro can support all native motion control on Switch.
④Can I use the simulate motion control on the Switch. I want to use motion control in games that do not have a motion control function.
   Answer: Yes, you can use it on Switch. But the simulate motion control conflict with the native motion control. We suggest you only use one type.
⑤Can I use the motion control on Xbox, PC?
  Answer: Yes, you can use it.
⑥Can I use the motion control on PS4?
  Answer: Yes, you can use it.
⑦Will the motion control be changed by the different platforms?
   Answer: The motion control won’t be changed on the different platforms.
bigbig won ARMORX wireless back button 4 REMAPPABLE BUTTONS 

FAQ3 Question about tactile feedback:

①Why the ARMORX has 4 back buttons instead of 2?
   Answer: The back button is for better control. You can remap the button that disturbs your operation to the back button. 
A: jump > M1
B: squat > M2
②How do the back buttons of ARMORX feel?
   Answer: ARMORX chose the keys which have Mecha-Tactile. It feels like the micro switches on the gaming mouse.
③Does the ARMORX’s button feel good? The switch should have tactile feedback and the operating force should be just fine.
   Answer: We used the 140cN operation force. The intensity is moderate and the tactile position is very clear. Won’t tire you and is not easy to mis-touch.
④Will the ARMORX influence my hand?
  Answer: The ARMORX is designed to avoid the influence. You can hold the controller as usual and the back buttons are not easy to mis-touch.
⑤Can the back buttons be used when the top two-finger grip or top four-finger grip?
  Answer: Yes, both of the grips can use the back button. But if you use the top four-finger grip you can only use the back button by the ring finger.
⑥Will the button sound loud? And who is louder between the original controller and ARMORX? Will it affect other people's rest?
   Answer: The decibel of the back button is nearly the same as the original controller.
 bigbig won ARMORX wireless back button 3 ON-BOARD MEMORY PROFILES
bigbig won ARMORX wireless back button HAIR TRIGGER RESPONSE FASTER
bigbig won ARMORX wireless back button APP REAL-TIME CUSTOMIZE

FAQ4 Question about profiles, mapping, TURBO, MACRO, APP: 

①What are on-board profiles?
 Answer: It is as same as the ELITE controller, you can set 3 independent sets of configuration. Include the data of joystick, trigger, motion control, key map, MACRO.
ARMORX is a highly customizable product. You can use different settings for different games and usage scenarios. It has a profile switch button you can change the profile by just clicking once.
 And you can customize the ARMORX Pro by APP. The APP can save unlimited profiles, Real-time modifications and be applied to ARMORX Pro.
②Why do we need an APP? Will the APP of ARMORX Pro be as good as RAINBOW?
Answer: Only ARMORX Pro supports APP. The main function of the APP is for real-time customize. You can set different sensitive for different games. The ARMORX Pro’s APP is just like RAINBOW’s APP.
③Only back buttons can be remapped?
   Yes, You can only remap the back buttons when not using the APP.
④Which keys can be mapped to the back buttons?
Answer: Basically, all buttons can be used except the power button and pairing button.
⑤Is the key mapping a protocol key value or a physical key value?
Answer: Protocol key value.
⑥The original key has changed its value, and this key is mapped to the back button. Which value is sent by the back button?
Answer: The back button will send the original key before being changed.
⑦Which keys can be set for the TURBO function?
Answer: Basically, all action buttons and the back button can be set.
⑧After setting the TURBO function will it activate all buttons that have the same key value?
Answer: No, it won’t.
⑨Can I change the frequency of TURBO?
Answer: Yes, you can.
bigbig won ARMORX wireless back button ERGONOMIC DESIGN 
bigbig won ARMORX wireless back button RECHARGEABLE LITHIUM BATTERY

FAQ5 Question about Hardware Compatibility and Assembly:

①Can I use the ARMORX on Xbox One controller?
  Answer: No, the structure does not match well, and the connection cable is different from the controller. The Xbox Series controller is a Type-C port, while the XBOX One controller is a micro USB port.
②How to attach the ARMORX?
  Answer: Attach by the battery compartment of the Xbox Series controller.
③I can not attach the battery how can I power the controller?
  Answer: you do not need a battery anymore! ARMORX has a 1300mAh rechargeable battery.
④How long can I use the ARMORX?
  Answer: You can use it for 10+ hours. And normally you can use it longer because the biggest factor of battery life is vibration.
⑤Is ARMORX wireless?
  Answer: Yes, it is a wireless back button that has a dedicated wireless 2.4G adapter.
⑥Will ARMORX increase the latency.
  Answer: The latency of ARMORX is the same as Xbox Series controller. 125hz report rate and 8ms latency. This is the highest report rate that Xbox Series controller support.
⑦Does ARMORX support wired connection?
  Answer: Temporarily not, it may be possible to update the function of wired connection in the future, but the wiring is not so convenient.

Is there anything this back button can't do? How much it is?

Good news: it'll be purchasable next week! I'm sure you'll be happy with it.


-It seems this back button has two versions?

-Yes, ARMORX (standard) & ARMORX Pro versions. The main difference lies in motion control and APP customize. If you don't need the motion control function, the standard version will be preferable. But the Pro version will be purchasable earlier due to production reasons.

bigbig won ARMORX wireless back button For Xbox Series X|S Controller

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