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Elden Ring vs Horizon Forbidden West: A Fair Comparison?

AAA gamers can't be more familiar with Miyazaki Hidetaka.
Miyazaki Hidetaka side portrait in a dark background

    According to a report published by Famitsu on March 4, Elden Ring, his new masterpiece took the number one and two spots in software sales in Japan between February 21st and February 27th.

    Obviously, Elden Ring has far exceeded people's expectations on the souls game.

    Elden Ring character sees the giant world tree

    Below are the full software and hardware sales charts for the week ending February 27 below.

    Software sales (followed by lifetime sales):

    1. [PS4] Elden Ring – 188,490 (New)
    2. [PS5] Elden Ring – 90,017 (New)
    3. [NSW] Pokemon Legends: Arceus – 60,754 (2,069,549)
    4. [PS4] Atelier Sophie 2: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Dream – 22,104 (New)
    5. [NSW] Atelier Sophie 2: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Dream – 18,912 (New)
    6. [NSW] Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – 13,055 (4,456,087)
    7. [PS4] Horizon Forbidden West – 11,468 (59,944)
    8. [NSW] Mario Party Superstars – 9,851 (886,009)
    9. [NSW] Touken Ranbu Warriors – 9,731 (122,890)
    10. [NSW] Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – 9,669 (4,783,316)

    Hardware sales:

    • Nintendo Switch – 70,232
    • PS5 – 17,032
    • Xbox Series X/S – 4,825

    Wait, how about Horizon Forbidden West? It was released just 1 week before Elden Ring, and it seems people are keen on deciding between the two.

    Horizon Forbidden West Aloy performs "I know" meme

    Experience matters

    Actually, they do have something in common: EXPERIENCE.

    Nothing in Elden Ring matters, including battles, weapons, skills... The greatest part of Elden Ring lies in the exploration of the world.

    Elden Ring the character rides a horse towards the giant tree but encounters a dragon
    Elden Ring the character walks on a field under the sun

    You may remember Caelid, an extremely thrilling world where there is blood-red sky and earth, disgusting swamp. When I step into there, I can think of nothing but "corrupt", "hideous", "screwy".

    Elden Ring the character stands in a blood-red world

    It's hard for me to get such a sudden immersive sense of horror and fear from other works. That's why I love Elden Ring.

    While in Forbidden West, whatever critique it may have, the creation of its world and environment is impeccable.

    Horizon Forbidden West Aloy rides a horse along the sea

    Whether it is day or night, desert or forest, underwater or cave, it is so magnificent that every frame can be set as the desktop wallpaper. Gonna say that the art part is one of the reasons the game is worth playing.

    Horizon Forbidden West Aloy dives into the sea
    Horizon Forbidden West distant view of the world


    But if you play both games for some time, you'll find the difference.

    In both open-world games, the maps in Elden Ring are more to the topographic map on an expedition than the target distribution map full or question marks we often use. Maps just provide a dim light, they'll not help us illuminate all the mysteries - they even hide more on purpose.

    This Elden Ring map is an interactive companion to your adventures in the lands between

    In Forbidden West, random events that populate the map (rebel raids, machine camps, storage chests, etc.) greatly add more fun. Besides, the side quests in Forbidden West are definitely worth trying. They're often closely related to the main story missions, and it normally takes 15-20 mins to finish. They make me feel that I'm no longer a passerby but a resident in the game.

    Horizon Forbidden West map


    Besides, you'll face different battles. There are over 100 bosses in Elden Ring and they're not cookie-cutters. Through interacting with them, you need to identify how they move or attack, then respond with the resources you have - in an instant flash of time. Battles are about observation and response.

    Elden Ring the character battles with a dragon
    Elden Ring battles with various bosses

    On the other hand, Forbidden West is about planning and strategy. Boss battles are quite intensive and challenging. Simply archery? No, Aloy must attack by hitting the correct parts.

    Horizon Forbidden West Aloy Smoke Bomb
    Horizon Forbidden West Aloy assembles the weapon


    The sandbox of Elden Ring's whole world is traditional yet massive as you'll see in the souls game - like the Ouroboros that extends in all directions and closes at its loop.

    Elden Ring Irina quest and how to deliver the Castle Morne letter

    Forbidden West has a lot of text logs, audio recordings not just to enrich the storyline, but to affect the puzzle part of the game.

    Horizon Forbidden West All Quests List

    You must be patient enough to read and listen to all of them to completely understand how the story goes on.


    Is Elden Ring too hard for a casual gamer? Let's answer with a meme:

    a listless man is desired to play Elden Ring at work but he curses the hard game when playing meme

    However, after completing a series of challenges in caves, ruins, fields, and cities, you can reveal bountiful rewards. For me, that's the original intention of all games: as long as you challenge and explore, there must be happy positive feedback.

    Elden Ring Er GIF - Elden Ring Er Elden - Discover & Share GIFs

    Oh, did I mention that Forbidden West's controller support surprises me? It makes full use of the adaptive trigger feature of my PS5 controller and I can sense varied vibration effects.

    A PS5 DualSense controller in front of Horizon Forbidden West on the screen

    For example, first I hold L2 to aim, then hold R2 to draw the bow, it feels tighter pressing down.

    I pull the bow to its full, the controller vibrates slightly, and there's a bowstring's taut sound from the speaker.

    When I release it, R2 pops up instantly, as if an arrow is ejecting from the bowstring.

    Horizon Forbidden West Controls Guide for PS4 PS5

    Which one?

    Elden Ring vs Horizon Forbidden West

    One day before the release of Forbidden West, I read some opinions comparing it to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

    It seems people love to seek an old reference when facing new things to judge whether it's to the taste.

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    Now it's your turn: do you think it's proper to compare the two games? If yes, which one do you prefer?

    Let me know in the comment.

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