bigbig won adapex r100 pro usb wireless bluetooth controller adapter for Xbox PS4 PS5 switch pc

BIGBIG WON CHOCO Gaming Controller

BIGBIG WON CHOCO Gaming Controller

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·【Versatile Connectivity】:Compatible with both Bluetooth and wired connections, this controller caters to various platforms such as PC, Switch, Android, iOS, and more. Enjoy the convenience of wireless play through Bluetooth while ensuring stable gameplay via wired connections. Additionally, utilizing USB allows for convenient charging, ensuring the controller is always ready for an immersive gaming experience.

·【Multi-functional Customization】​:An app designed to optimize gameplay offers diverse customizable features. Users can freely adjust button layouts, vibration intensity, tailoring the gaming experience to suit personal preferences. Moreover, the app allows easy modification of lighting and profile settings from the dashboard, enabling the creation of a wide-ranging gaming environment. This user-friendly, multi-featured app is set to be highly valuable for numerous gamers.

·【Enhanced Gaming Experience】;The BIGBIG WON controller boasts 128 macro functions, enabling the configuration of up to 128 actions using the two back buttons. These buttons are utilized to execute complex actions within games with a single button press. Another button can be assigned to specific actions like "quick skills," facilitating swift maneuvers, especially during combat situations.

·【Immersive Control】:The BIGBIG PC controller integrates a built-in gyroscope function, enhancing immersive gameplay. The gyroscope allows for natural movement-based control within the game by tilting the controller. For instance, steering a car or finely adjusting aim becomes more intuitive and realistic. This feature ensures smoother and more precise control over in-game movements and actions.

·【Advanced Functions for Superior Gameplay】:The BIGBIG WON controller offers versatile connectivity, customizable features, 128 macro functions, and a built-in gyroscope for immersive gameplay. With adjustable vibration modes and rapid-fire functions, it ensures a superior gaming experience with enhanced speed and responsiveness.











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BIGBIG WON CHOCO Gaming Controller



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