BIGBIG WON New Product Disclosure 1: ARMORX-Armor Your Xbox Series Controller, Beyond The Elite

Dear all gamers, thank you so much!
Hi everyone!
It has been a long time since we published Rainbow controller. We've gained much attention and recognition for the product details and our service attitude.
The products may not be 100% perfect, but most gamers are accommodating!
I'd like to say thank you all for your support and love!
Although we've been updating the firmware and app of Rainbow controller over the past 10 months to greatly improve its experience, we're also asked almost every day: when will Rainbow 2 come out? When will the wireless version controller come out?
To make wireless products, we've been gathering experience and improving them.
However, the development of Rainbow 2 is systematic, I regret to say that the product is still under development and will take time.
Please take this as a unified answer to the question that you've been wondering. Your understanding is much appreciated!
As an emerging brand,
BIGBIG WON has been dedicated to building creative e-sports facilities that enhance gaming effectiveness and efficiency.
However, during the development of our own controller, what we hear most is comments like "XBOX controller is the best controller in the world", and "I only love XBOX", which can be seen in many places. They are enough to explain how important the XBOX controller is for gamers!
This makes us think about how to make controllers that gamers feel enjoyable and efficient, rather than "we can also make cheaper controllers"!
Are our controllers better than the XBOX controller? This can be so hard.
First, we want to learn from XBOX and enjoy her beauty. We also want to seek something that people are not happy with.
During the studying and research of the XBOX controller, we've been designing and improving our own controller, though it's yet to be released.
Meanwhile, something new comes to our mind:
now that the XBOX controller is your favourite,
why can't we just embrace her!
She is excellent enough, can we make her even more outstanding by using our techniques and creativity!
XBOX has her goodness, and BIGBIG WON has too.
Gamers vote for either side with their wallet.
I know, it's out for true love, all in good faith!
We all love the XBOX controller, but many configurations are lacking on the non-elite version, leaving many gamers with regrets!
The common thinking emerged from our development department's discussions:
Could we dress her with an armor that arms and strengthens her?
Could we make an armor to make gamers enjoy the XBOX controller more?
This is how the ARMORX program is born.
Please rest assured that all the highlights of the program will be carried on to our controller program.
We designed quite a few key features for this "armor", many of which are suggested and inspired by gamers. Thank you again!
When we're still waiting for the production before its official release, please forgive us to keep you guessing: we'll disclose its key features in the following blogs.

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