BIGBIG WON Blitz Wireless Gaming Controller Disclosure

BIGBIG WON New Product Disclosure 1: Blitz: A Mecha-Tactile Wireless Gaming Controller, More Powerful Than Pro

BIGBIG WON New Product Disclosure 1: Blitz: A Mecha-Tactile Wireless Gaming Controller
Hi dear gamers,
Time goes so fast, it's already October 2022! Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, New Year... it'll be the end of the year, but it's also the beginning of happiness!
At this time, many masterpiece games will be or have been released intensively: COD, Splatoon 3, Overwatch 2... And it's not too much to say that the year 2023 is the carnival that console and PC gamers expect. Diablo 4, God of War 5, Street Fighter 6... Various types of masterpiece games that have been postponed due to the COVID-19 will be released in 2023.
In this fruitful October, BIGBIG WON, an emerging game peripheral brand, will also celebrate our 2nd-anniversary debut!
Over the past 2 years, we've always tried to listen to gamers, and constantly improved the hardware design, features and APP functions...
In these 2 years, we've gained much support from gamers who proposed helpful suggestions. Every day in our Discord community, gamers around the globe discuss our products with enthusiasm.
From gamers, for gamers. Your passion has improved us greatly! On behalf of BIGBIG WON team, I'm here to say out loud to you all: THANK YOU! Thank you all for the support! Serving you is worth the effort!
In the past 2 years, we have released several products: Elitist S, Rainbow, ARMORX Pro, and controller adapters... most of which have got praise and support from gamers. There were highlights as well as regrets. With your spur and encouragement, we'll keep summarizing, improving, and moving forward!
During this journey, we are constantly asked when the new controller and wireless controller will come out. Today I'll reveal it!
Finally at the end of 2022,
we can give you a certain answer.
Wish BIGBIG WON team can live up to you all and the glorious time!
Next, we'll publish 2 series of controllers,
including a newly-designed series,
and the model that greatly improves the existing products!
The leading role today: Blitz, is a new series controller mainly for Switch console, and is compatible with multi-platforms. The sense of fast and furious operation is what we wish to bring to you!
BIGBIG WON New Product Disclosure 1: Blitz: A Mecha-Tactile Wireless Gaming Controller
As one of the most popular game consoles, Nintendo Switch and its standard-equipped Joy-con controller have always been loved by gamers. However, we've also seen gamers' need for a full-featured controller with better operation and experience. The most praised among them are the Nintendo Switch official Pro controller, and various third-party controllers which offer back buttons and more functions.
Meanwhile, seeing from the feedback and suggestions we received from gamers, gamers expect BIGBIG WON team to make a controller which is truly positioned as a "Nintendo Switch elite controller" by providing more function options. We conclude that it must meet the following needs:
1、The main functions of the Pro controller can not be missing
2、Faster and more comfortable buttons. Even girls and children won't feel tired after long-time use
3、Smoother, more sensitive, more hands-fit joystick
4、More comfortable grip
5、More and better extra customizable buttons
6、No more worry about battery use up after long-time play or no operation.
7、More powerful features - it has everything that the Elite controller has
Besides all this,
gamers also expect Blitz has an affordable price for most people!
This posed a great challenge to BIGBIG WON team. Luckily, after a year of improvement and hard work, we overcame it all! Here comes:
Blitz: A Mecha-Tactile Wireless Gaming Controller, More Powerful Than Pro!!!
  BIGBIG WON New Product Disclosure 1: Blitz: A Mecha-Tactile Wireless Gaming Controller
Please look forward to our next blog for a detailed function introduction:
Blitz Disclosure 2: Fully Mecha-Tactile, Elite Configuration
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